Berry Plants Combo Pack A-(Blueberry, Red Raspberry, Blackberry varieties for Hot-Warm Climate)

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This combo Pack consists of Blueberry Plants, Red raspberry Plants and Blackberry Plants. The cultivars in this pack is Southern highbush for Blueberries, Primocane type for Red Raspberries and Thorn less for Blackberries. All the varieties in this combo pack will be suitable for growing in Container, pots, lawn Garden or out in the field.

Things to remember:-

Blueberries need higher pH than Red raspberries and Blackberries. So when you prepare the soil you can add some sulphur to make the soil for Blueberries more acidic and low in pH if you are growing in very high temperature area, I would advise to give Morning sunlight to the plants and Afternoon shade to avoid burning of leaves due to high heat and direct sunlight. You might want to water the plants frequently in summers as the potting mix or soil can get dried up very fast. Remember blueberries like moist soil but not wet soil it can rot the root zone with excess just make sure it's moist.

Bullet points:

  • All the plants are Tissue Cultured Plants, Imported from Michigan, USA.
  • Suitable for Hot to Warm Climates with Low chill to No Chill.
  • Can be grown in Full sunlight as well as Partial Sunlight but advice for avoiding direct sunlight in very hot summers.
  • Plants are around 1-1.5 years Old,Evergreen Production Vigorous Bushy Grower.
  • Medium Excellent Sweet Berries Early to Mid Season Producer.