Blackberry Plants 8"-12"- Imported from USA (Triple Crown,Tupe Varieties suitable for Indian Climate

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Triple Crown, Tupe Blackberries are the newest thornless blackberries. Triple Crown blackberry is named for its three crowning attributes: flavor - productivity - vigor These Blackberries ripens from about August to Sept These blackberry varieties yields large, glossy black fruits that are firm and have the capacity to produce larger berries than any other varieties. Especially Triple Crown Blackberry was tested for a decade before releasing it in 1996. The Triple Crown Blackberry is well suited to berry farms, pick-your-own operations and backyard gardens. It should help ensure a steady mid-summer supply of large, flavourful berries. These Blackberry plants can yield an impressive 10 Kilos or more of blackberries per plant. These blackberries are also suitable for juice, pies, syrup, preserves and other processed foods. Triple Crown is rated equal to the popular Chester Thorn less and Tupe blackberries in color, flavour and overall quality. The nature of the Blackberries are that of a trailing berry plant and requires trellising for optimum production. Once the plant reach about 30 inches, they begin to fall over to the ground. It will not be as long and dense as the upright varieties which are 2 year old plants. Begins bearing fruit in 2 years Fruit Yield: up to 10 kg of fruit per vine.

  • Planting Zones: Warm- Cool Climate
  • Plant Type: Deciduous
  • Light requirements: Full Sun
  • Soil Conditions: Moist, Well Drained
  • Height at Maturity: 4 - 5 ft
  • Growth Rate: Fast
  • Fruiting: Yes
  • Flowering: Yes

Bullet Points:

  • Tissue Cultured Plants, Imported from Michigan, USA.
  • Suitable for Hot to Warm Climates with Low chill to No Chill, heat tolerance
  • Thornless Variety with big sizes fruit, better in full sunlight
  • Plants are around 6"-12" in Height and easier to grow.
  • These are Self-Pollinating Varieties