Cranberry Plants USA Imported (BenLear,Steven & Pilgrims suitable Warm-Chill Climate)6-9 months Old.

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Grow your own Organic Cranberry plants! Cranberries can be grown indoors, in a garden, or commercially in a cranberry bog. Cranberries have huge health benefits and can be dry stored for extended periods of time. Some studies suggest that cranberries actual can prevent the flu! Early Variety of our Cranberry Plants are right from the field. They are field run harvested and range from 5 to 10 inches long. We offer Bare Root Cranberry Plants (vines) . Current varieties are Stevens,Ben Lear, and Pilgrims. Cranberry plants have a shallow root, and need to be covered through the winter months where the ground is cold or pulled inside.

Bullet points:-

  • Tissue Cultured Plants, Imported from Michigan, USA.
  • Plants are around 6-9 months Old, Proper name: Vaccinium macrocarpon
  • Can be grown in Full sunlight as well as Partial Sunlight and are resistant to Pest and Diseases.Unique flavor and high vitamin content.
  • Misty has High Heat,Humidity,Sun, Drought Tolerance but not Wet soil tolerance so make sure not make make the soil wet tooo much!
  • These are Self Pollinating Variety so try giving High Organic matter, recommended growing together with other varieties.