Lingonberry Plants Imported from USA-(Regal and Red Pearl variety) 6-9 months Old.

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Lingonberry plants thrive in moist, acidic soils, producing an abundance of healthful, cranberry-like fruits. The lingonberry is a 12- to 18-inch-high evergreen shrub. Lingonberry plants spread by underground runners to three feet. The glossy, dark green leaves are 1/8- to 1/2-inch long and usually tinged red when new. This shrub is handsome enough for ornamental use -- as a small-scale ground cover or informal edging around larger acid-soil plantings, for example. It is also attractive in containers. It blooms twice each season. Also called cowberry or fox berry, it's the type more commonly found at nurseries. Small, pinkish white, lily-of-the-valley-like blossoms open in tight clusters near the tips of one-year-old shoots and make an attractive display in border plantings. Lingonberries are self-pollinating, but cross-pollination will produce larger fruits that ripen earlier. Besides, mixing fruit of several varieties will tickle your palate with all the fine, tart nuances of lingonberry flavour. Bumblebees are the best natural lingonberry pollinators. Plants need two to three years to begin bearing good crops, these fruits are tart. Make them into jam for a superb roast goose and venison topping. Pancakes covered with lingonberry syrup are a Swedish tradition. Use them in any recipe that calls for cranberries. Lingonberries are very rich in vitamin C .The simplest preparation is lingonberry sauce: 3 cups washed fruits, 1 1/4 cups sugar and 1 cup water. Boil 10 minutes; skim and cool.

Bullet Points:-

  • Tissue Cultured Lingonberry Plants, Imported from Michigan, USA.
  • Plants are around 6-9 months Old, Proper name: Vaccinium vitis-idaea
  • Can be grown in Full sunlight as well as Partial Sunlight and are resistant to Pest and Diseases.Unique flavor and high vitamin content.
  • Low Heat,Humidity,Sun, Drought Tolerance.Its better to grow in high chill area.
  • Recommended growing together with at least 2 variety as its needs pollinator..